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Re*Imagine Medical Lake has a limited amount of funding and resources available to help meet emerging needs for Medical Lake Residents. If you have a need please complete the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a limit to how much is given?
While we do not have a per-person or per-need limit, we do have a very limited amount of funding to help support a large number of impacted residents so typical grant amounts reflect these constraints.

Do I have to have a Salvation Army Case Manager?
We strongly suggest that you are registered with the Salvation Army and have a Case Manager. However, that is not a requirement of this process. We do provide priority to requests that have been submitted by a Case Manager.

Who reviews and approves these grants?
The grants are made by Re*Imagine Medical Lake from funds designated to Gray Fire recovery. Funding approval is given by the Re*Imagine Community Table. Re*Imagine Community Table is an independent subcommittee of Re*Imagine Medical Lake that has been created for the purpose of confidentially reviewing and processing requests for support.

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Please complete the form below to share about your unique situation and needs. 

Interested in getting involved?

Our team is a group of Medical Lake citizens and volunteers that are passionate about seeing healthy growth and engagement in our community. If you’re interested in getting involved we have a wide variety of opportunities available. 


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