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Business & Economic Development Committee
Third Wednesday-6:15pm
Rotating Location
The focus is to create a prosperous small business community providing ample opportunity for Medical
Lake residents to work, shop, live and play in their own community. More details about the business
committee here!
Meeting Notes: November 2018

Lake Committee
First Thursday-6pm
Pizza Factory
Please join in our efforts to enhance the quality of life in the Medical Lake area by actively working on
the sustainability, cleanliness, and opportunities for enjoyment of our local lakes. More details about the
lake committee here!

Festivals & Events Committee
Second Monday-6pm
ML Public Library
Focused on community partnerships that provide safe, fun and affordable recreation, entertainment
and events for Medical Lake families, friends, and visitors. Our growing festivals are a great way of
bringing people together, working toward a common goal, and building friendships along the way. More
details about the festival committee here!

Community Development
Come share your dreams for the future of Medical Lake. What things could be done in Medical Lake to
make it a healthier, happier, safer, or more enjoyable place to live, work, play or visit? This group
dreams big and knows how to get the ball rolling to accomplish long-term projects.

Funding and sponsorships are needed to help pay for ongoing festival costs that ensure families can
attend at little or no cost. Funding is also needed in support of business development, lake
sustainability, community projects, and economic development plans. Re*Imagine Medical Lake is an all-
volunteer group carefully using resources for the improvement of the quality of life for the citizens in
and near the city of Medical Lake. Maybe you have fundraising or marketing skills you’d like to share.

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