• Do you know your family’s favorite stories that have been passed down from generation to generation?
  • Are you your family’s historian?
  • Are you into antiques? Have you collected interesting pictures, journals, artifacts from the Medical Lake area?
  • Would you like to try your hand at filmmaking, acting, voiceover, or photography work?


Join us to find the perfect committee for you!

Lake Committee
—Meets First Thursday of the month 6pm at Pizza Factory

Join us as we strive to enhance the quality of life in the Medical Lake area through actively working on the sustainability, cleanliness, and opportunities for enjoyment of our local lakes for all. More details about the lake committee here!

Business Committee—Meets Third Wednesday of the month 5:30pm at Public Library
business@medicallake.orgClick here to learn more!

We are working to provide the residents of Medical Lake with a prosperous community where ample opportunities exist to work, shop, play, have fun and strengthen families.

Visioning/Communications Committee—Email for meeting details

Our vision committee is the place to be if you have ideas of how YOU would Re*Imagine Medical Lake. This group also works to communicate with all community members in Medical Lake.

Documentary Committee—Email for meeting details

We are working hard to obtain funds to create a video highlighting Medical Lake’s history. We will utilize this video to remind or educate groups about our rich history before it is forgotten.

Fundraising—Email for meeting details

We would love to hear your ideas of fun activities or possible sponsors!

Not sure which committee to join? Email info@medicallake.org