To enhance the quality of life in the Medical Lake area through the revitalization of the business community.

Ultimate Goal:
To provide the residents of Medical Lake with a prosperous community where ample opportunities exist to work, shop, play, have fun and strengthen families.


  1. Provide resources and information to sustain existing business and help start up entrepreneurs in launching their business venture.
  2. Reach out, engage the community and create a culture of buying local.
  3. Develop supportive collaboration with area agencies and organizations.
  4. Work closely with the City, organizations and churches:
    • To facilitate the planning and design of our “Town Center” and “Key Focal Points including our parks and lake areas ” in alignment with our economic growth objectives.
    • To help develop activities and events that will foster an influx of resident and non-resident participation leading to an increase in business revenue.
  5. Work closely with the City, County and State to establish a framework for long term economic growth of the area.

Meeting Notes: November 2018