Re-build… Re-vitalize… Re-discover… Re*Imagine

Re*Imagine Medical Lake is a citizen driven organization founded by residents who want to create a vibrant, local community. We take pride in our city and want to promote economic and community revitalization while honoring the history of Medical Lake. We recognize that to achieve these goals we must build trust and create partnerships with government entities, businesses, non-profit organizations and local residents.

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The immediate goal of Re*Imagine Medical Lake is to raise $10,000 to fund the production of an historical video series and to formalize the organization as a 501(C)(3). The purpose of the video series is to educate people about the rich history of the area and to inspire a sense of pride in the community. Prior to incorporation as a non-profit, the organization will be governed by a volunteer Leadership Council who will carefully track donations and regulate expenditures.

The long term goals of Re*Imagine Medical Lake are to secure funding sources and to build partnerships that promote local economic and community revitalization. The organization will work with government and other organizations to plan and prioritize projects that promote recreation and attract businesses and services to Medical Lake. Our goal is to create a culture that supports business development, promotes community education and welcomes citizen involvement.


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